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Two creative names for the jewelry that shed light on history in the fascinating atmosphere of Grand Bazaar;

Ismet Naci Kurtulan and Meltem Kurtulan

Ismet Naci Kurtulan laid the foundations of a never ending adventure, Kurtulan Jewelry in 1993. Meltem Kurtulan designed the jewelry pieces, that she created with an inimitable style, with a post modern concept. Kurtulan is a family beyond limits which opens arms to history and which is passionately in love with jewelry. And it enhances its design concept with this understanding.

Having embraced the code of Grand Bazaar with great mastery, Kurtulan combines the breezes of thousand year old civilizations with the rich design tradition of Anatolia and with 24 carat pure gold, creates handmade jewelry collections with high antique value which are more elegant than one another.

The jewelry pieces that are created with a great mastery being harmonized with art, culture, and tradition started to come to life at Kurtulan Jewelry which was established by Ismet Naci - Meltem Kurtulan coupled as a family corporation.

While all processes from design to production and from sales to presentation are completed with the diligence of a craftsman, it is taken great care that each new collection definitely has the “Kurtulan” spirit and that the old and new collections produce and image of a whole in a certain harmony.

Diva is the only official Kurtulan dealer in the Santa Fe area.
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