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Konstantino was born in Greece, where ancient history is a living part of everyday life. Imagine... his village, Melitea, once belonged to Achilles of Troy. His childhood playground was the architecture of the Parthenon and the Temples of Delphi and Poseidon. The stories Konstantino asked his father to tell him again and again were of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Tales of the Trojan War mesmerized him... Apollo and Zeus captured his imagination. He was enthralled by the Greek gods and goddesses entrenched in these tales. Konstantino was educated in Athens, the cradle of democracy, the place of the rise and fall of the Roman empire, and the home of Alexander the Great. All these elements of ancient Greece – the art, architecture, history and mythology... are etched into his soul. As he grew up, Konstantino knew he wanted to create art that expressed these powerful influences.

To Konstantino, jewelry is a fine marriage of structure and beauty. And when it is done well, it pays tribute to all that has gone before. The places of Greece are part of his soul as well. Hydra is the most magical and inspirational island of all the Greece islands. The light as it reflects off the sea... and the white-walled, red-tiled houses that climb up from the harbor... create a kaleidoscope of vivid shapes and intense hues. This is where he was inspired to create and where his first store was born. So this is how Konstantino jewelry is different from any other.

Every piece he design possesses his essence, his experiences, and his passion for Greece. Konstantino designs are timeless and universal. They come from the core of civilization and the elements of the modern world. Konstantino started small... in one little store in Hydra. But several years later he still designs the way he always has, making living art from the echoes of the past.

Konstantino wants each client to feel the soul of history in each piece they touch. Brought into being by human hands with sweat, love and passion. Made for them... and for the ages.

-- Konstantino

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